Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well, inventory is finally done and I got home at a halfway decent hour (even if it was dark). Had thought about just going out to feed and then coming in to take a nap so I could be awake to say happy new year at midnight, but the halter I ordered from mustangsaga had come in the mail!! So that was enough to revive me and I had to go try it on him.

I'll have to get a picture of it tomorrow as it was too dark tonight. It fits pretty good, just need to make the nose a lil smaller. I think he looks better in black than he does in royal blue. I haven't had time this past week to do much more than just pet him a little when I feed him, but even just that he's gotten better about me approaching him. So tonight I got the lead snapped on pretty easy and just tossed the rope over him a few times to make noise on the blanket which doesn't seem to concern him much. Switched halters and took his blanket off and then we worked on leading which at this point is still just a few steps, but we'll get there. When I went to put the blanket back on, I pulled it off the rail where I'd hung it and he wasn't too sure about that, but only went maybe half a circle around me. And then maybe another half a circle before he stopped and I could touch him with it. Then he just stood there while I started tossing it on him all unfolded. Will have to do that from the other side tomorrow. But I was then able to just toss his blanket up on his back like it was no big deal and get him all buckled in.

I'll have to get pictures tomorrow of him both in his new halter and out of it as I decided to leave the halter off tonight. Slipped it off and just stood there rubbing his face and his neck and then walked away before it was too much and I had to figure out how to get a hold of him again, lol. Fed him dinner and pet him some more before I wished him a happy new year :)



Well Little Lady it is nice to hear from you again. A new halter and then NO halter??? So am I to believe that 'CB' is wandering around without a halter right now??? Anyway thanks for the update and...
TO YOU A "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!" Look forward the the pictures, talked to a pony lady friend tonight and she thought the horse was mine I was so proud of your accomplishments, she would really like to come to Albany to see the Make Over Show, she did admit that it would be hard to be a spectator and not be involved, I am sure you would really enjoy her, just a friend who enjoys the company of horses.
Happy New Year Kristi and may your new year be better than than the past!!
Love You,

Andrea said...

Sounds like an excellent New Year's Eve!

Sorry the nose was too big. If it doesn't adjust down right let me know and we can come up with another solution.

Black is a very nice color on a bay horse, I think. Can't wait to see pictures!