Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The good ole plastic bag...

...is a little scary. Well, scary when it's in the air above his head, not so bad when it is touching him, even on his head. So we'll keep working with the plastic bag and I am determined to find some sort of blanket that has some heft to it without being too awkward to swing all over him (an old Navajo blanket would be good but alas I don't have one).

On a good note I was able to touch him and get a hold of the short rope without needing to touch him with a stick first so that was nice. He also let me pick up each front foot a couple of times. Found a scratch on the inside of his right leg but it's not very big and looks like just the skin so I'm not too worried.

I stuffed a mane and tail brush in my pocket tonight so his mane got all the tangles brushed out. He was a very good boy and stood still the whole time.

Ran out of momentum to make it out a second time this evening though. Hopefully I will have some daylight Thursday and Friday so I can take some pictures!

It's funny, I have a bunch of horse books, but going through them, I don't really have any on starting a yearling. So what all should a coming two year old know? I mean, he should lead, stand tied, be able to groom, pick up his feet, ideally load into a trailer but I don't have one to practice with, and what else? Once we get to that point, could set up some sort of like in-hand trail courses I guess. As long as we go in reasonable steps, he could learn to turn on the forehand and on the haunches and sidepass from the ground, right? I am a list kind of person, I want a list of things that I can check off, lol.


Andrea said...

He's coming along really well!

It sounds like you have a good list of things to do. I'd add sacking him out with various things. Make sure, once you're at the right point, to swing things high up over his back to the other side, so he gets used to things above him and moving over him from one side to the other, like you will when you mount. Get him accustomed to a surcingle and saddle blanket or a bareback pad. Move to saddling and have him carry it while you do your ground work.

I would buy or rent some colt starting videos by various trainers and pick your method, then go with it. But remember there is no hurry and you don't need to push him too far too fast.


Wow, I am impressed, I will look for a Navajo blanket and see what I can find for you, not to worry you too can keep looking, is thee a particular size you may need?? There are two people at work that are former horse people for many years and I will ask IF you don't mind shipping won't be an issue. You keep going girl just be safe and be well!!

gtyyup said...

Andrea had great suggestions...and your own list is good. Until you get a blanket, you could use an old bath towel. Anything and everything you can get him used to is good.

Do you have a saddle horse? I always pony my lil' ones from a stead, well broke saddle horse and take them on trail rides etc.