Thursday, January 1, 2009

Leading practice

Got the halter back on! Well, I wouldn't have left it off yet if I really thought I wouldn't be able to get it back on. But it's still nice to have that confirmed :)

Took his blanket off and then worked on tossing it on him from the right side. He wasn't too sure about that, but finally stood still and let me do that. That done, it hung on the fence while I brushed him. He was very good and stood still to be brushed. Stood still when I took the blanket off too, just moved around when I was trying to toss it on him from the right.

Getting his belly brushed.

He's starting to get the idea of leading. We went around and around his pen in medium-sized circles with not a lot of pressure (most of the time) to get him moving forward again. Then, when we were all done, we walked up to where his blanket was hanging on the fence, I pulled it off and put it on and he didn't take a step :) Hopefully, by next week we'll have the leading down well enough to go for a walk outside.

Doesn't he look good in his new halter?

And his head really isn't as long as it looks in these photos! I will have to try and get a better shot.


gtyyup said...

Excellent!!! He's a real cutie.

I keep forgetting to ask which HMA is he from...I'm guessing Coyote Lakes. Not only from his name but also because of his size. My Coyote is from Coyote Lakes and he's over 16 hands.

froglander said...

Yup, he's listed as Coyote Lakes/Alvord-Tule HMA. Coyote Lakes just had a better ring to it, so I just say he's from there, lol.

I took my weight tape to him today so I could try and track his weight and he weighs about 750 pounds according to that. Was proud of him, didn't phase him a bit to have that thing dangling on him, or me trying to untangle it or anything. Height-wise it said 14.1, but it was dark and I have no idea if I had my foot in the "Place toe here" spot. In the chutes he was about at the 14.3 mark they had marked on the side. So he's somewhere in there, but if you take the rope and measure from fetlock to elbow and then elbow to withers, he has the potential to grow another hand and a half, lol.

Tracey said...

He's coming along nicely, Kristi!

Tracey said...

Oh, and let me just add that our first mustang, Quiet Storm, was Coyote Lakes as well...and she's 13.2 :>


Great job Kristi, you are still using those technical horse terms but it all sounds god to me. When is the Albany show, I want to get my name on the list for a vacation day.
If I were to send your blog to someone how do I do it??
I am soooo proud of your accomplishments I want to share them with friends only if you don't mind.
Way to go girl!!

brother said...

looks good, but skinny. glad you two are doing well. cant wait to see you riding on him in the feild.

froglander said...

Correct me if I'm wrong Tracey, but I believe it is the weekend of March 20-22. You'll have to come and see how Tracey's horse, Steve Holt! does :)

It'll be awhile before I can be riding him in the field, he's still young, plan to put a few rides on him in the fall though. In the meantime I am having a blast :)

And yes, I know he's still thin :( Might have to add something more, he's getting grass hay twice a day plus alfalfa at night and alfalfa pellets in the morning.

Andrea said...

Tonka is from Coyote Lakes, gathered the same time as Tracey's Quiet Storm, and he was 14.2 or 3 when I adopted him at age two. He'll be 5 this spring and he's about 15.2 or 3 now, and I'm pretty sure he's still growing. I wish he wouldn't though!

I bet your CB is going to be nice and tall.