Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well, I don't have any cute Christmasy pics of CB, but I doubt he would have cared if I'd draped ribbons all over him. But here are a few pictures from today. Was out there for probably an hour, but as long as we kept doing different things, he didn't seem to get fed up and bored and cranky.

We were going to go outside his pen for the first time today, but we need to get the leading thing down better, we are getting there, but not quite far enough just yet. But I took his blanket off today which he was fine with and I brushed him all over, he seemed to enjoy it. Then we switched halters to my rope halter which unfortunately has a rope attached that I can't get off and it's not as long as my cotton rope so I ended up just tying that around his neck and using the cotton rope. We practiced backing up and coming forward, and disengaging the hindquarters. He was very attentive and cooperative today. Did a couple easy laps when I went to put the blanket back on but then stopped and I was able to touch him with it and he stood still while I set it on his back and slid it around some and then put it on. I think he's figured out he stays a lot dryer with it on!

Thank you Dad for my Christmas pony!!

Here he is in his Christmas blanket.

Here is a close-up of the little white "freckle" on his nose.

Here is his brand, the clipped hair is growing back and the scabs are coming loose.

It was dark enough in the stall that I had to use the flash otherwise the pics were coming out black. He didn't even flinch. Makes you kinda wonder about his vision and if you poke your finger straight towards his eye he doesn't blink, but he seems to be able to see to read body language and stuff so I'm just not really sure. Will just have to see how it goes.

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You are most welcome my dearest Daughter, it has been such a pleasue seeing you work and grow with CB I am so proud I could burst! Thank you for the oppurtunity to do just a little, how is the hay fund doing?? Jonny and I went up in the mountains in the snow until I chickened out and turned around, saw some beautiful country though, he can tell you more, en-ee-way I am glad you had a good Christmas!
Great pictures, I was wondering about his vision with your first couple of blogs but I am sure you will work him with confidence and he will be just fine.
Be Well,