Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shorter is definitely better

Okay, so had a not so great job interview down in Seattle at 2pm today. Doesn't really bother that it was not so great because I don't really want the job, it's too far away-down in Tukwilla. So by the time I got home it was dark, but I figured with the yard light from the house I should have enough light to work him for a bit. Too dark for pictures though, sorry Dad, tomorrow for sure!

I got the long rope snapped on fairly easily tonight which was nice. Rubbed him all over with the pole (I think I'm going to try and jury-rig one of those carrot stick type deals with a rope on the end) and he was fine with it all over, even under his chin. So...I was trying to get close enough to pet him, but he kept pinning his ears back and looking cranky and then he tried to nip me. Just what I was waiting for, so I got after him like all get out and back and around and around he went, and then into smaller circles with the pole resting on top of his withers, and then he stood still and let me pet all over his shoulder, neck, back and his face around his halter. Yes! I took my hand away, then pet him a little more, scratched under his jaw (I think he liked that) and sort of lightly pat along his shoulder and neck some. I unclipped the long rope, gave him one last pet, and went back into the house. We are both learning :)

One nice thing about getting after him, it got him moving around the pen and it reconfirmed what had caught my eye about him :)


Went out to work with him again a couple hours later and I was able to pet him much sooner. Easy to get a hold of the rope too :) Pet down to his knee on his front leg, and on his face. Figured we'd sorta reconfirm the note we'd ended on earlier and then try a step forward tomorrow (in the daylight). I know it won't always go as nice as this, but good days keep you going :)


gtyyup said...

That sounds like a very good work for you and Coyote today...short, sweet, and you made leaps of progress!

Thumbs up girl!


Hey not to worry little bit, glad you got your hand back(~: and I am glad you were able to see him in motion again. Got home kinda late so didn't make it to the money house in time, will do tomorrow and overnight the 'hay fund', been a long day but always refreshing to read about Coyote, look forward to more pics, weather here today was imaculately clear! Be well!

Linda Reznicek said...

I found your site on Mustang Saga. Congratulations on your new boy. This will be exciting to watch with the emphasis on dressage!