Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Okay, the snow can all melt and be gone now

Oddball day with nearly a foot of snow (as measured on the railing on my grandma's deck).

The college where I work part time was closed today because of the snow so I didn't have to go to work. So I cleaned CB's pen and tried to scoop some of the snow out, but it just snowed more and made it look like I hadn't done anything. I think he is starting to connect the back door opening with food, he comes out of his stall and looks all perked up and interested. With all the snow I didn't really work with him today, but each time I went out to feed him or do anything out there, I pet him. One time was able to just walk up (slowly) and the other two times I reached out and scratched him with my pitchfork first. Hopefully it won't snow any more any time soon and I can scrape most of the snow out so we can actually do something.

My cat, Bentley, has decided to help me post my blog tonight. I would take a picture but he has my arm trapped. He is an indoor cat who is very snuggly but also likes to bounce off the walls and often skids into things as he's doing laps.

I am tempted (if it warms up) to go out and sit on the top rail of his pen so he can get used to someone/thing being above him. Not that he's going to be ridden any time soon, but I figure the more I get him used to now the better :)

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