Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What if I screw up?

Okay, I was out there longer than I'd planned today, and I think it was too long for the little guy's attention span. I hope I didn't screw things up too bad :(

Started off rubbing him with the long pole again, only place it seems to bother him is by his ears so we'll work on that. He's feeling more confident now I think, much more mobile today. Wasn't so much into letting me pet him, only managed to touch him briefly a couple of times with my hand.

I was able to get the long rope clipped onto the ring at the end of the short rope and started working on giving to pressure. Gives great to the left, we went in a lot of circles that way. He will barely let me onto his right side to work on that at all, but managed it a couple of times.

Never really was able to touch him much, towards the end, when it was getting rather dark, his ears were starting to go back instead of ears perked looking at me so...we stopped at a point where he did turn and look at me with his ears up and I unclipped the long rope for some reason, hope I can get it on again! Gave him his dinner and there was no hesitation about taking a couple bites of hay from my hand.

It wasn't until I came inside that I realized I'd been out there for two hours. No wonder he was fed up! So I hope I haven't messed up too badly and that I do better tomorrow.


gtyyup said...

Awww don't fret or loose any sleep over this. You may have worked a little too long with him (I know how time fly's by when you are in the moment with the horse!)...but no problem.

It sounds like you stopped at a good spot which is the most important thing!

I've learned that "processing" is a key factor in training. If you can get the horse to start thinking and reacting like you want, stop. Leave him until the next day or a few hours and go back. It will surprise you how much they will figure out when they have time to "process" stuff in their heads on their own time.

If you did screw up...the most wonderful thing about horses is that they are extremely forgiving to our inadequacies.

That's why it takes us humans longer to actually get it than the horse does!!!

Don't doubt yourself...you're doing a great job!

froglander said...

Thank you, that helps a lot.

And I am going to try what you suggested with the pvc pipe to block off the shelter, sounds much cheaper than a gate and possibly more forgiving if he decides to go through them or something (had tried a yellow rope yesterday but that didn't work so well, lol).

I think I am going to give him time to finish breakfast so his tummy is full and give it another go :)

Andrea said...

I was going to say the same thing, don't stress too much. Horses are so very forgiving.