Monday, December 15, 2008

I finally remembered to bring a brush!

Today was a good day!

Found an inexpensive stick with a string so it was easier to just get that than try and rig up my own. It is bright red so it should be easy to keep track of, lol. Touched him all over with it, flipped the string all over, really the only place he doesn't like me touching is around his ears but he's getting better.

The really good part though was that he let me get on his right side! Worked my way around to stand in front of him and he just looked at me, ears all perked. I rubbed his forehead with the end of the stick and then reached the stick out to rub his right shoulder. That went okay so I just kept stepping around while I rubbed him with the stick. I was able to reach out and touch him and started rubbing him with my hand. Yay! It's taken me a week to get around to that side but when I went back out tonight was no problem to pet his right side.

And I finally remembered to bring a brush with me! It's a nice medium boar bristle brush I got for a present when I had Taffy (I love that brush). I let him sniff it and then started brushing him all over with it--his face, his neck, his body, his legs, I think he liked it.

He seems to like to have his cheekbones rubbed. I had my hands all over his face, one on each side and his head just sunk down, but didn't really seem like he was trying to get away from it. He even allowed me to rub his poll some.

All in all a pretty good day :)


gtyyup said...

Excellent!!! Nice job with the's amazing what an extension of your hand can do.


Great job, nice touch!
Nice picture!