Friday, December 19, 2008

11 degrees and falling

When I went out to work with CB tonight (okay, yeah, it was kinda late) and then feed him dinner, it was about 15 degrees out. By the time I came back in, it was down to 11 degrees. Brr!!

We had a good session tonight. He started off with that step of his rump towards me so off I sent him, around and around a few times, and then asked him to stop. Still kinda more rump than face so off he went again. It didn't really take him long to get it figured out and his rump stayed further back than his front end. So after he got a good rub, we started working on moving his hindquarters from a tap of the stick on the hip. It went MUCH better than it did yesterday. Yesterday it was a case of tap-tap-tap-TAP-TAP-TAP-TAP!-TAP!-TAP!-TAP!!-TAP!!-well, you get the idea. Today he got it by the TAP and that at probably the first one of those.

It was getting cold, he'd done well, so after some more pets and rubs and arms around his neck and over his back, I went to get his dinner. I set it down, he came in and started eating, I made a quiet move toward him to pet his neck before heading out and the rump came back towards me. he went a couple laps and I asked him to stop and he turned and looked right at me. I was able to walk up to him and rub his forehead with the end of the stick.

I can wiggle his halter all around, but he's not too sure about me taking a piece of the rope and trying to slip that over his nose like putting on a halter. So we'll be working on that before we get to the point of trying to take it off and put it on again.


Tracey said...

Just checked wunderground for the temp...are you ready?...8.4! It's 20 in Burns!!! I think we need to move.

froglander said...

Okay, it just needs to warm up now, that is just too dang cold. If you head for burns, drop me off umm, where was it, the town we went through coming home after the Les Schwab road, I liked the hills and a little more trees there.


Okay, Tracey you may have Burns, Kristi if you like hills and trees, green ones, and lots of them with trails from I-5 to the Pacific Ocean you need to try South Wst Oregon, it is beautiful here, a little wet in the winter but wonderful summers. Proud of what you are accomplishing.
Be well, stay warm and be safe

gtyyup said...

Good job on facing up! You're making nice progress. Doing the rope over the nose is great...get it over his ears, around his eyes, everywhere.

Another trick is to put a halter on him over his halter (larger size of course). Practice that over and over. When they get that down good, I usually feel its time to go ahead and take the halter off.