Thursday, December 11, 2008

Left side, right side

Was going to get pictures today, if I hadn't come down with a stomach bug and ended up sleeping the daylight away (totally was not in my plans!). But I feel better this evening so I went out to work by the light of the yard-light.

Got close to him much quicker tonight. Managed to rub his front leg down to his pastern, and back leg to his hock-note to self: bring a brush next time! He really seems to like his face rubbed under and around the halter.

Tossed the rope all over, he wasn't too sure about it dragging on the ground behind him as he moved away, but he settled down. Got it around his barrel and sorta rubbed him back and forth with the rope, didn't seem to mind.

What he does mind though, is me trying to get on his right side! I try to step to that side, he turns his head and follows me with his left eye until he can't bend any further and then swings around to face me. The closest I got was when I fed him, I stood on his right side while he munched his hay after we were done.

Any suggestions for getting to his right side? I can reach over or under his neck and pet him on that side, I had the rope swinging back and forth on that side, he just really would rather I stayed on his left.



Is there any way to see into his right eye, does he favor it because of hindered vision??
I am thrilled that he lets you get so close and are able to touch him, I am envious.
So sorry to hear you have the puinies, hope you feel better soon, must have been that fresh air of Oregon, there is a lot more and I am willing to share(~:!
The hay fund is on it's way!!!!!
Be well my favorite Daughter

gtyyup said...

Were you able to get your shelter blocked off to work Coyote? If so, this is where I would use the pen like a round pen.

Get him moving forward both clock wise and counter clock wise (walk & trot). Then get him facing up to you.

Once you got that going, I'd put a long line on him. Work on getting him to lunge both directions, making the direction change to the inside.

Then you can start approaching him with the line on him...comfortable side first then try to cross over to his other side. Most likely he'll not want you there and you'll need to get him to move forward again (drive him forward from his hip) going that direction. You can take up line and make the circle smaller and smaller...pretty soon you're on his hard side.

Hope that might help. You're doing a good job...hope you get to feeling better too!