Monday, January 19, 2009

Yesterday and Today

So, the pictures are from yesterday, forgot to bring the camera out today. Yesterday we had a bit of wild pony when I asked for a few lunging circles outside his pen. Luckily, he didn't get away from me. I think I scared my mom a little (she was the one taking pictures, but didn't get any of his rambunctiousness). I don't really blame him though, he's been stuck in a 24x24 square for the last month and a half, wouldn't you want to kick your heels up if you didn't feel confined anymore? But not wanting him to think that was acceptable, we backed, we did more circles, and he settled down. I am working on clearing out space to give him sort of an extension on his pen, so he'd have something like 26x100 to stretch his legs until I can get the field cleared.

This was after he backed up and was standing there paying attention. I think he hadn't quite finished that last backward step, hence the crooked looking leg.

Can you put your head down?

Bend to the left...

...and bend to the right.

So today, when Mom and I got home from seeing the movie "Defiance", and I looked out the kitchen window, he was just standing there in a bit of sunshine either taking a nap or just totally bored. Before I actually made it out, he had laid down. I figured he'd hop up as soon as I opened the back door-nope, still laying down. Okay, so he'll hop up when I get to the gate-nope, still laying down. When I slide through the panel, surely that will get him to stand up? I slowly walked closer, talking to him, and he laid there and let me pet him for a moment before standing up. How cool was that? Too bad I didn't get a picture!

We started off with the "usual"-take off the blanket, quick brush, a few circles each way, some backing and coming forward and then I figured, let's go outside again, the day is just too nice!

I opened the gate and out we went. He was walking right with me, head about at my shoulder, not trying to rush or crowd or stop or anything. We practiced "whoa", I would say it as I turned toward him slightly and he'd stop. After a couple of pets, with a cluck we were off again. We made a lap of the whole backyard, past the tree, past my uncle's old trailer (that needs to disappear) and back to the gate. A little hesitation at the gate, so I stepped back, pointed with my rope hand, gestured with my stick hand, and in he went, nice as can be. That went so well that we went out for another lap in the opposite direction. We almost made it as far as the road, but I didn't want to push it, so stopped maybe 40 feet back. Stood there while a couple cars went by and then headed back to his pen which he walked back in the gate like a champ. Oh, and the whole time he was wearing his bareback pad again (not that he cared). I wanted it to be a good and calm experience, so we didn't attempt any lunging so he wouldn't be as likely to feel rowdy and he did great, very attentive and well-behaved. Such a good boy!



That is soooo cool, I was explaining to your brother about your trip almost to the road, he was suprised, Great pictures, the weather looks so awesome almost like down here, use it while you can.
Hay fund??

Heather said...

Yeah Cody! Seems to be handling things like a champ!


Linda said...

You have green grass?!? I'm starting to feel sorry for myself.

He's doing very well on his leading. I need to do the same with Beautiful today. Her farrier comes again next week and she's got a little attitude. I think leading her out and pushing her a bit more this week will help.

Beautiful was in a 24x24 for a long time, too--now she's in 48x48--I had planned on making it bigger, but winter came early. I think they do get sour. So, he'll probably love his 100' run. And, I think it's a good idea to go long so he can really dig in and stretch those legs.