Monday, January 5, 2009

Cody/Cote/Coty/You get the idea

Here he is showing off his nice dirty blanket. It wasn't really that dark out, was only about 4:30 or so, but the dark sky and the glowing eyes are courtesy of the good ole flash.

I think, for a barn name, I am going to call him Cody. Not sure if that's how I'm going to spell it, but it's basically just taking the first and last three letters of Coyote => CoyOTE, lol. I just wasn't having any success calling him CB, just didn't quite roll off the tongue.

So, I didn't get to work with him all weekend, mom has been feeding him for me while I am house-sitting for someone. (I am all for making a few extra dollars!) So I went out after I got off work today. One minor issue with taking his blanket off, he really doesn't like the sound of the velcro coming undone! So he wasn't even wanting me to unbuckle the front buckles, so I finally just started fwapping the front of the blanket with my rope in a loop and then he let me finish unbuckling. And after it was off, he stood there and listened to me do and undo the velcro a whole bunch.

We worked on picking up his front feet. At first, he'd jerk his leg up and try to walk away, but we kept working on it and he got to where I'd sort of tickle the back of his knee (to encourage it to bend) and he'd pick his foot up softly and then put it down. So we'll keep working on that.

I walked around behind him a couple times after I stood leaning against his hip and had my arm wrapped around behind his tail and was petting him to see how he felt about that. The first time I stepped from left to right he wasn't too sure what to think and turned around, but then when I stepped from right to left he was fine, so we'll keep working on that too.

Oh! A good thing, was no problem to walk up to him, pet his neck, put the rope over and put the halter right on :)

I think I tried to muddle too much into today though, after working on leading and a little on backing, got the silly idea to try working on lunging. But I think I confused us both. Here I was trying to get him to step forward and he's looking at me like "what are you doing?" because I've been working to get him used to things touching, tapping, swinging at him etc, that none of it was really meaning anything, lol. But I've gotten some advice and I think I am going to work on getting leading to be more solid before we try lunging again.

Luckily, I just work mornings all week so I can go play after work :) (Not that the dark would really stop me, lol).



Well Littl Bit, you've done it again, sounds like you two are having a great time, glad to see you back on the wires cudos to mom for helping you out. Look forward to the next set of pictures. Sure am proud of how you are progressing. Be well and safe.

Andrea said...

I like the name Cody better too.

He's such a good boy, and he is coming along so well.