Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mustang hoof

Well, I started working my temp job yesterday. I am helping with the deployment of a new system called NextGen at the Skagit Valley Medical Center. This involves new computers, hardware upgrades, software installs, etc. But in the beginning, it requires an inventory be done of computers and printers. You would have to know my history with inventory, but I find it rather funny in an ironic sort of way.

So working with Cody I am trying to accomplish in the mornings because by the time I get home after working both jobs I am dead tired. This morning I went out to feed him and worth with him a bit before getting ready for work at job #1 (Skagit Valley College IT). He got to eat some of his alfalfa pellets before we got to work and he didn't seem upset to be pulled away, so that was nice. I love that I can just take his blanket on and off like it's no big deal. Haven't really introduced words like "walk" or "trot", just been using clucks, but he's lunging nicely and stopping well. It is taking less and less for him to back up and then come forward to me. Since I was thinking of teaching him to wear hobbles, figured I'd start with the rope around his pastern and see what he thought. Didn't really mind and I was able to pick his feet up with the rope. It hasn't been an issue to run my hands down his legs, he's almost better with the back ones than he is with the front, but picking his feet up has been very brief, pick it up and let it go. But this morning, I was able to pick all four feet up (one at a time of course) and hold them for a few moments while I pet him. I drug Mom out with me tonight to try and take a picture of his hoof to go with this post and I will get them off her camera in the morning and add one to this post.


Linda said...

You're doing well to get out there before you go to work. Getting those feet was the hardest part for me!! But so important for the farrier work!! Congrats--I look forward to the pictures.

blackfeatherfarm said...

I enjoy your blog, therefore I have tagged you. Details on my blog. You don't have to play, but fun if you do !

Heather said...

You are doing so well! I am very impressed. Graces feet were the first thing we ever worked on. Well that and leading. But guys are well on your way!