Friday, January 9, 2009


Not quite how I wanted to capture it, but the moon was coming up from behind a cloud and it just looked cool (cooler in person than this picture is conveying).

Thankfully, the rain has let up (for now) and the lake has receded to just soggy grass with a few puddles yet. Mom and I were working on digging trenches for some french drains today, but we'll have to wait until it dries out a bit more before we can really do much more.

Pea gravel for the french drains!

Drain pipe. So much easier than writing everything down, I just took pictures of it!

So his nose seems a little less snotty, but he still coughs some. But he's still alert, was watching Mom and I while we were digging and stuff. Chows down on his food and cleans it up. When is it time to call the vet? Would someone at the vet's office answer questions if I described his symptoms? I suppose, one thing they would ask is "what's his temp?". I had a thermometer in a horsey first aid kit but I'm not sure where it is. Might have to pick up a new one tomorrow and attempt to take his temp.

I am tempted to get him one of those Jolly Ball toys because I think he might actually play with it. He plays with the chains that hold the panels together, I'd set my halter and lead down on the salt block the other day while I cleaned his pen and I stood there and got the rope in his mouth and just stood there sorta playing with it. I feel bad for him, being all by himself.


Tracey said...

I bought a dog toy for Jet to play with. A jolly ball on a string...or rope, as it were. The rope was looped so that a person could play tug o war, but I ran a bit of twine through the loop and tied to to the top rail of my panels. Since it doens't open a gate, she ignores it, lol...

Andrea said...

I would think that a vet would answer questions for you over the phone. They'd probably ask for his temp and whether he's lethargic. Is he lethargic? Is there any way you can get your hands on a good stethoscope and listen to his lungs? If I remember right you shouldn't hear much when he breathes, and if you do there may be something wrong. How often do you hear him cough?

It would really be a shame to have to treat him for something right now, especially if it required shots. I hope it's just a case of the sniffles.

Tonka likes to mess with things too, I joke and tell him he needs a pacifier. But he wouldn't play with a jolly ball. They do play with their feed tubs though. I saw some neat looking toys on a website recently. Keep scrolling down to the bottom, they have more than just balls.

froglander said...

Thanks Andrea. Those horses look like they are having a "ball", lol.

He has not seemed lethargic, has been cleaning up his food, just coughs now and then, and sometimes coughs multiple times in a row. I'll pick up a thermometer today and see if I cam manage to take his temp.

Hope Tonka is feeling better!


Well my dear, I don't have a lot of suggestions but Andrea seems on the right track if it were me. Something to play with sounds good after all he is a "little boy" and needs to expend some energy. Hopefully Jonny will be able to help out some with the drains but if my memory serves me right there is not a lot of places to drain the water, his paddock looks great as far as being above the water tables, best of luck!
Love You,