Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I think he has a cold

And hopefully that is all that it is. A bit of a snotty nose and the occasional cough. I hesitate to try and take his temp as I'm not sure how he'll react. Well, that and I have no idea where my horse thermometer has wound up. It is just yucky enough out and he probably doesn't feel the greatest so I think a day off is in order. Here are some pictures of the lake that has surrounded his stall and pen on three sides.


gtyyup said...

Awww poor lil' guy...yes, time off 'til the snotty nose is gone is probably a good idea.

You really have a nice shelter and pen set up...exactly the way I've built mine in the past!

I sure hope the water doesn't raise any higher!! I see where you've built up his pen...and this year another 6 inches wouldn't have hurt...who'd a known!?!?!

Stay warm & dry~~


Oh my, what a mess! Jonny is already thinking of what he can do, all I can say is let me know what I can do here to help!
Do you need another blanket to rotate so you can keep him dry??
You be sure and tell me okay!!

froglander said...

Thanks Dad :) He seems to stay reasonably dry since he stands inside a lot. Only, right now there is an inch of water in there covering about 3/4 of the floor. We're going to get a pump tomorrow to try and at least pump some of the water elsewhere and I found a website with a lot of good info about planning out french drains and stuff.

Hopefully the rain will listen and do what they say it's supposed to and taper off tomorrow morning!

Andrea said...

Isn't the water awful? Our pastures flood every year and the horses love to go out and graze like moose in the water, so it must not be that bad for them...

I hope he feels better soon!

Tracey said...

Hopefully by today the water has begun to disappear?

Hey...Frog Senior...Steve Holt! could use a second blankie if Cody turns it down :D