Thursday, March 26, 2009

Trot work

I wish I had some pleasant pics to post tonight, but today was kind of rushed and the small camera has dead batteries (going to be getting rechargeable ones!) so no new pics today. He spent the day in the round pen as I figured he'd have more room to move about if he felt like it and he could nibble the grass. He was very cooperative about trotting his laps (not that there is any swelling at this point) and I even got him to eat a couple of treats. The weird thing is that after he's trotted a few times around, he starts sounding squishy where the hole is, it still looks pretty raw. But the vet said it was important to have that movement to keep the swelling at bay, so....movement it is. He doesn't seem sore or anything which is nice. Saturday he may get to learn that the hose is for more than just filling his water bucket so I can wash his back legs off.

I hope everyone had a nice day and at least had time to hug their horse today!

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mkyamse said...

I have had several horses gelded. We have always hosed twice a day for 10-15 minutes each time. Then we spray it with a Nolvasan mixture. Definitely keep him moving.