Sunday, March 29, 2009

Round pen & relationships

Interesting day. I stayed up way late the night before so overslept a bit. So far I am lucky that Cody has never complained if he gets fed earlier or later than the day before... He got his breakfast a little later than usual, but not bad. Things didn't look all that swollen this morning so I just gave him his breakfast (since it was a bit late) rather than working him in the round pen before feeding him.

I was going to take a nap as I was still tired, but some motivation from a friend got me to go out and take a walk. I'm glad I did, the sun was shining and the headache that had been creeping up faded away. Unfortunately, not long after I got back, it returned and I did end up taking that nap so I didn't get near the things done today that I had wanted. And it finally took some ibuprofen for it to go away.

This evening when I went out to work and then feed Cody it was a nice, calm evening. Cody was feeling good though and was wanting to canter around more so than trot. Since I haven't done anything about footing yet in the round pen (and I plan to move it about 20 feet from its current location) it's betting a bit muddy. He just plows right through though. So around and around he went, enough that at the end, his chest was actually a bit sweaty! The cool thing though, is that he is willing to take a few steps in following me, both forward and back. And if I turn and face backwards like I was going to ask him to back, he tucks his nose and back we go, with no halter or anything on :)

On to the relationship part of the title. Not sure why I am writing this here as it's not related to Cody, but I wanted to write a bit and figured here was as good a place as any. So I have been in a long-distance relationship for the last approximately 4 years. Long story short, it was going nowhere and I said good-bye tonight. In some ways, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I guess I was more ready to move on than I realized. I think I am going to go get some sleep as it is after midnight, and will just have to see what tomorrow brings. (It was either going to be said in a voice mail or an email as he is hard to get a hold of, so I sent him an email saying good-bye tonight and so am a bit leery of his reaction).


Linda said...

Sounds like he's getting the picture about what you want, and it's good he could keep his footing in the mud. Is he completely recovered from the gelding?

Sorry about your relationship coming to an end.

froglander said...

Still gotta keep him moving to keep the swelling down, but it seems to be healing. I'm not sure that he really likes trotting through the mud, lol. I'll figure something out for footing once I clear where I want to move it to.

I think the relationship ending was a good thing, but thank you :)