Thursday, March 19, 2009

Found a place to set my camera

More words later, just want to see if this works. (Youtube muted my sound)


Linda said...

It worked great for me. He does back up nice, and he moves great, too. He looks really smoothe.

Andrea said...

That is a really nice back-up! What a good boy.

Hey, did you watch the finals for the cowboy race? Any chance you remember who made it in? My husband is having a fit, he can't find the info online. I think he's found a new sport to be addicted to. I'm not complaining! He's dragging me to the arena to ride our horses today. That's so backwards. :)

froglander said...

I have video of Keith Danielson's ride, I believe he got 6th, and I have video of the 4 yr old arab mare, I think they got 4th. I just haven't uploaded it yet. I don't remember her name, started with a T I think, on a chestnut horse, she has competed in it before, she got first. Girl on the pony, Ginger, got second. 3rd I think was the guy riding the mustang that fell off and landed on his head. He managed to fall off in the finals too, but landed on his feet this time (was the bareback free-ride). I have (blurry) pics of the top 5 people which I will try and post tomorrow (if they aren't too awful).