Thursday, March 12, 2009


First off, I need batteries! My big camera is too big to stash in my pocket, and my pocket camera has run out of juice. So once again, no pictures :(

Balance is such an important concept, whether it has to do with your horse or your life in general. Working with Cody last night we reached a point where the more I asked of him, the more reactive he got. The evening ended okay, but it got me to thinking. So tonight, while still expecting him to respect me, I tried to ask things in a calmer way, trying to find that balance between getting what I ask for and him reacting instead of thinking.

I think it went pretty well. Had a couple bouncy pony moments, which turned into backing halfway across grandma's big backyard, but we were able to lunge calmly in a little bit bigger circle than the last time when outside his pen. It's not always in a straight line, but when asked to back (and I barely have to touch the halter anymore) his nose is tucked, neck is arched, hind-end is lowered and he just backs and back and backs. I'll have to figure out some way to video it, lol.

So soft and calm but firm when needed seems to be the balance I need to have a positive time on both our parts. I love how there is always more to learn :)


gtyyup said...

Cody is looking and doing great!!! Sorry I'm only seeming to get over here 'bout once a week...too dang busy.

But it's wonderful to see how you two are coming along...fantastic!!!

froglander said...

Thanks :) It's always fun to see what new pictures you've posted :)

Linda said...

Nice. I wish you did have pictures or video--video especially! I need to be looking for the same thing with my girl.