Monday, March 23, 2009


Okay, the pictures are awful. But if you promise not to laugh at their awfulness, here are the top 5 from the ECR in Albany OR this weekend. I also didn't write down names so I apologize for the terrible pictures and lack of decent information. I will try to get the video that I took uploaded tomorrow.

1st place. I don't recall her name, but she has competed before, was riding a chestnut horse.

2nd place. Pony named Ginger.

3rd place. The guy on the mustang that fell off and landed on his head....he slipped off during the bareback free-ride too, but landed on his feet this time.

4th place. The smaller, reddish mule ridden by a lady.

5th place. Rose gray 4 year old arab mare.


Andrea said...

Cool! Thanks for posting that.

That Arab, in the preliminary part, as he was announcing how it only had 30 days training and had been out to pasture all winter until last Saturday... I thought the guy was gonna die! The horse was pawing and wide-eyed. But wow, once they got going they did great! I liked the pony too. I felt bad for the mule, that girl was not afraid to use her spurs HARD.

froglander said...

You should have seen the vet's horse, a high-headed paint (half the time he looked like a Saddlebred with that high head!) I thought that little arab mare did great for the amount of training she's had. And her rider seemed fairly quiet.