Monday, March 16, 2009


I think I confused my poor sweet pony. He had gotten really good at turning to follow the lead if I wrapped it around his rump and asked him to turn around away from me. So tonight, since I'd picked up another length of 1/2" cotton rope to use as a driving line, I put both ropes on his new halter. At first I just had the outside one draped over his back doing nothing as I longed him one direction and then the other. But when I let the rope drape around his rump, he felt the pressure and tried to turn that way, but then felt the pressure on the other side and tried to turn that way. He bounced back and forth a few times before he just stood there and you could see he wasn't sure what he was supposed to do. I felt so bad for confusing him like that! So now I need to rethink my approach to teaching him to ground drive. We ended on an okay note (after I had to go round up my cat who is a house cat who had snuck out) and I put his old halter on with just a lead rope and we practiced stuff we were more solid with. A surcingle would probably be good, so the ropes don't drag so low. We'll get there, just have to find some smaller steps to take.


Andrea said...

My sister recently bought a Mustang brand surcingle and she likes it a lot. They're not very expensive if I remember right.

Linda said...

I just bought a Mustang brand surcingle for my daughter at the 4-H Tack swap. It was $15.00--but I think they're only $20.00 new from Country Supply. A friend of mine had one last year and we used it--worked just fine.

gtyyup said...

I think you had success...he was understanding by trying to get off of the pressure and then felt pressure on the other side and moved off that pressure...he's doing great!!

A surcingle is ok...or just use your saddle and run the lines through the stirrups (tie the stirrups together under his belly). But just go forward from where you are...don't feel bad...he's doing exactly what a smart lil' horse would do...figure it out in his mind and accept...success!!

Sorry I haven't been getting here as often as I'd like, but you are coming along great with Cody...two thumbs up girl!