Monday, March 9, 2009


Goofy weather. It snowed. Not as bad as some places, probably 2-4 inches, but still.

Cody and I played in the snow in the backyard. It was pristine, untouched snow until we came along. I really need to get batteries for my pocket camera so I can get pictures more often. We made prints all over. Going forward, backward, sideways, getting loose and running out into the field, backward some more, and he even trotted a few steps with me.

We have an appointment for March 25th at 1 pm to see the vet...Cody still needs to be gelded. I had thought about filling out the application for the free gelding but I figured there was probably someone out there that needed it more and I have my $50 voucher from the BLM to help a little.

I hope the snow melts soon, I want Cody to get back to shedding out that winter coat!

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allaroundhorses said...

I would say you are lucky, it is snowing here like crazy today! We actually have a full blown blizzard with most of the major highways and interstates closed! Yeah, I know what you mean though, I am so ready for spring too :). And the nice short summer coats. Haha our minis wont be done shedding until the first part of June.