Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Meet the new gelding

I woke up this morning to gray skies and rain. The weather report said it was supposed to taper off to intermittent light showers which thankfully it did! Dr. Zaccardi showed up at 1pm to blue skies and a bit of a breeze. He had his assistant and then two vet techs in training. One of the girls in training, she got to give him one of the knockout drugs and insert a catheter in his neck. Seems to be the trick with Mr. Itchy is to be scratching his withers when they are doing stuff like that, seemed to keep his attention off of what they were doing just enough to get it done, he didn't even mind getting his temp taken! (It was 99 by the way).

Dr. Zaccardi looked at his teeth and looked at him and he believes that Cody is a 2006 colt. So...he's a year older than the BLM thought he was and the funny part is that it makes him the age that I had actually been looking for when I went down there to begin with! So it looks like Cody and Steve Holt! are the same age. Instead of one being 4 this year and one being 2, they are both going to be 3. I am going to hold onto the hope that he will keep growing though, as the difference between fetlock and elbow and elbow to withers is about 4 inches.

On to the pictures! I would have taken more but the batteries in my camera went belly up.

Watch out, he's going down!

Vet tech in training

The whole crew

They had a rope from one leg, under his hips to the other to hold them out of the way.

Getting things all clean and ready to go to work.

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