Sunday, November 15, 2009

English Saddle

So while I was in Washington for a few days last week, I tried my old Stubben saddle on him again just to see how it was fitting. It's not perfect, but it fits better than the Wintec I tried on him for comparison. And when I got home to Miami and I've looked at the pics I took a few dozen times, thought I would compare how he looked in it now versus when I first tried it on him back in February. I do believe I can say he has actually grown a little, lol.

February 21, first time I put a saddle on his back

Tuesday morning, November 10 before heading to the airport

Now that I have found a job (I start Thursday) I get to have my pony shipped here in about a month or so! So now I am really looking for somewhere to board him and I have been getting quotes from shippers. Does anyone have any good or bad experiences with any particular shipper?


Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Wow, he has really filled out! He looks great! What have you been feeding him?

I don't know much about shippers. But I hope the trip goes smoothly!

froglander said...

I'm looking at at least a month before I can get him here, hopefully not much more than that, I miss my goofball horse!

He's been getting grass hay twice a day and a flake of alfalfa (or alfalfa/grass mix) once a day. Along with beet pulp with half his grain in the morning and the other half of his grain at night. He kinda has a lot of energy (into everything and no one to work him and direct that energy) so I am having my mom cut back on the grain (he was getting 3 pounds of Purina Strategy which according to the lady who replied to my question at Purina was enough to provide vitamins/minerals without having to add a supplement) to one cup twice a day with Horse-guard vitamins in with one of the cups at least until I get him here and can start working with him again. But yeah, he has definitely put on some weight since I brought him back to my grandma's :)

Linda said...

He doesn't look like the same horse in those two pictures. I'd never have known. I used to use Horse Guard vitamins and loved them. He's eating GOOD!!

Anonymous said...

He look really great. You've done a fantastic job on him. You could also try a dressage saddle on him. They will give you an even more secure seat

froglander said...

Yeah, tried a Wintec dressage saddle on him just to compare really quick that morning and the panels are designed for a more broad/warmblood-type back, I'm thinking we're going to have to look at ones designed more for the thoroughbred-type back, the curve of my old Stubben matched the shape of his back better. Here is a pic of the Wintec on him, just looked like the back of the panels would end up pressing into his back.

We have plenty of time yet to find a saddle and I think I can make my old one work for now :)

gtyyup said...

He's lookin' so good!!! I bet it was so good to get your hands on him again!

I have a transport suggestion: Zeigler Livestock Transport.

I've never needed a transport company, but this is the one that Andi Harmon suggests and they do mustangs all the time...even ungentle ones.

Hope you find a close place to board him down there...enjoy that warm winter air!

Leslie Ann said...

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