Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Or lack thereof. I think days need to have about 30 hours rather than 24. Can we just redo the amount of time it takes the earth to spin?

Been getting home too late to do anything with Cody, but hopefully next week will be better! So tonight I have been playing with images in Photoshop (okay, I was trying to do something like what Tracey had done with an image of Steve Holt!). Not sure how successful I was, but it was fun playing, although now it has somehow become 12:30am. I think I overdid the sunflare part.

I really like this profile shot of him, his face just looks kind and his ears are up and his mane is somewhat brushed.


Tracey said...

Someone's been playing in photoshop!

Great job!

Tracey said...'ve been tagged!