Friday, February 13, 2009


I started a 5 day double dose of Panacur last Friday. He was such a good boy about taking it! The last three days of it he stood there very well, took the whole tube, and then just stood there while I pet him for a bit after.

I am hoping to be able to schedule an appointment with the vet for sometime within the next couple of weeks for him to be gelded and have his teeth checked. One thing I am really curious about is how old he truly is! After Tracey at Mustang Diaries found out that Steve Holt! is a year younger than his BLM papers say I am back to wondering if Cody is a coming 2 year old or a coming 3 year old. I'm still hoping for the not quite 2 yet because then he'd have more time to keep growing...

His BLM papers list him as being about a year old at capture and being approximately 15 hands. I'm sure it's hard to get a good idea of height when they are processing them, because with the height/weight tape I have, the last time I measured him, he's about 14.1 hands. I was looking for a horse that would be around 15.2 hands, give or take an inch, when full grown. It could still be possible, because when I measure from fetlock to elbow and then elbow to withers he's got a good 4-6" to go. So I guess, I just need to be patient, lol.

The Horseguard fencing I ordered has also arrived but I've just been so busy I haven't had time to get fence posts or move the burn-pile or any of the other stuff to get this fence installed. Hopefully soon though!

My plan for tomorrow includes working with Cody, maybe I'll even manage to find a couple poles he can walk over or something.

Oh! Tarps. It was windy the other day and a tarp managed to escape and blow up against the fence panels. I happened to glance out the window and saw Cody playing with something in the corner, so I go out to investigate (in my robe with a jacket on, I had been sent home sick from work and had changed into cozy clothes, lol) and find him trying to tug the tarp further into his pen to play with it. So I think we may dig out a tarp to play with tomorrow. Hopefully with pictures!

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Jeanette said...

Oh patience is hard when they won't grow fast enough!
I am amazed at how the Mustangs seem to be fearless when the horses that are born around people know that crazy things like tarps are horse eaters!