Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Late night

So I'm back to not having much time again this week. Yesterday when I fed him in the morning, it seemed like the day was going to be decent so I took his blanket off so he could roll and itch if he wanted too while I was off to work. When I got home that evening, I went out with some brushes and his blanket to tuck him in for the night. I brought a halter just in case he didn't want to stand still. I didn't need it. He was in his stall munching dinner and turned around when I walked in. I set his blanket and the brushes down and went to pet him. He just stood there with his head up but relaxed, not eating, while I brushed him all over and then tossed his blanket on. It was just a nice quiet time with my horse :)

1 comment:

Karen C. said...

It sounded peaceful just reading about it. :-)
I miss my husband when I am out of town, but I REALLY miss the horses and donks.

Karen C.