Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My first trim

So...I got it into my head to try trimming Cody's feet. I want to keep him barefoot and so I've been reading about it and I emailed Andrea at Mustang Saga for advice since she trims her horses' feet. So far I have only attempted his front feet. What do you think? I figured if I didn't take too much off I couldn't screw up too badly, right?

Before, left front (he has always had that line you can see on his right front, there is an old injury on his coronet band)

Before, left front

After, left front

After, left front

Left front done, right front still to go


Linda said...

Looks good to me. :) Toes and heels seem well proportioned to strike the ground right.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Good job! That really ought to help with the chipping.

Pictures can be deceptive, but it looks like the inside heel may be longer than the outside, in both the before and after picture. I'd check that.

It looks like he has a good healthy frog, and good feet overall. That'll make it a lot easier on you!