Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Off to Florida!

Okay, so I leave in a few hours to go to Florida. Not just for a visit this time, but to stay. Cody will hopefully be following in 2-3 months once I secure a job and a place to board him. He currently is tucked back in in the backyard where he looks up and nickers whenever he sees me come out the back door because he knows I'm a sucker and am likely to give him some sort of munchie (or just breakfast/dinner!). It's going to be hard leaving him behind for that long!

This summer with him was good. I got a good start on him with 30 rides. There would have been a few more but his back was getting sore.

I've had a terrible time finding a saddle to fit and if you look at his back he just really needs to fill out. I hope he does and that his back doesn't look this bad forever. From the side he looks good, but from this angle he is, well, all angles!


gtyyup said...

Oh my!! I wish the best for you. Cody will surely miss you as much as you're going to miss him. You've done such a great job with him.

Keep posting so we all know what you're up to!

Andrea said...

I saw your posts on Facebook and was wondering what that was all about. I didn't realize you were moving! Why'd you have to go and move away?

I'm sure Cody will miss you, and you'll miss him. Hope the day comes soon when you can haul him down there.

Tonka is extremely hard to fit too. Cody will fill out some, but he'll never be a big round quarter horse.

Angie at Free Rein said...

Hope your move goes well and you get your boy moved soon.

Linda said...

That is a long way to move!! Hope you get him there soon.

Beautiful's angles are odd this Fall, too. I think she's going through an awkward stage. I hear that Mustangs continue to grow and fill out far beyond domestic horses--and I'm hoping that's true-or I'll be looking for a new saddle, too!