Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The sun is actually shining this morning! Nice to see a sunny sunrise.

I have continued to get up at 4am to go walking (am I nuts?) but I should use some of the time I have between 5 and 6 (when it's finally light enough to go out) to be updating my blog but I seem to keep getting side-tracked.

Let's see, last Wednesday Cody got his feet trimmed for the first time! After he decided the farrier wasn't a mustang eating monster (I was rather surprised at this) he stood there like a champ. I would have tried to take pictures, but, well, Cody wasn't exactly behaving when the farrier first approached (he was like 'get me out of here!') and then I forgot.

We've been working on standing out by the road and watching cars go by. He is getting much more relaxed about the cars zipping by in front of him. And yesterday we went for a walk down a quiet side street! First time he's been off the property since he got here in December. It was a nice relaxed first outing with no traffic (but still lots to look at) and he handled it well I thought.

My brother's dog, Isis (a rottweiler-husky mix) is here for a few weeks and during the day she is out in her kennel out by Cody. She sometimes barks at him and he'll step back but then he's right back up by the fence checking her out. The cats however (she sleeps in the house at night) are none too thrilled with there being a strange dog in the house. The first night Bentley refused to purr which is so unlike him. But his motor is back and running again.

This morning didn't have much time so I just put Taffy's old leather halter on him and took him out to snap some pictures. I need to do that again one of these days with my better camera. I thought he looked handsome in that halter (and yes, I need to tighten the noseband up a bit).

I should have taken his blanket off and adjusted the halter better for the pic!



Tracey said...

Sunny...but frosty, too! At least up here. But I'm very happy to see sunshine.

Cody's brand looks mighty fine :)

froglander said...

It managed to stay above frosty this morning, but when I went out around 6:30am it was all of 34 degrees. It almost felt warmer when I went for a walk at 4am...

Linda said...

That's a very nice picture! And it sounds like he did GREAT for Mr. Farrier. Enjoy the sunshine--and btw--yes, you are nuts.